Cooling Core Pins



We manufacture JET cooling core pins with precise deep holes of below ranges to meet our customer requirements.

• Dia 2mm – upto 150mm

• Dia2.5mm- upto 250mm

• Dia 3~4mm – upto 400mm

• Dia 5~12mm– upto 600mm

We use gun drilling machine to make holes with better surface finish of <1µ roughness value which decreases the salt formation on the surface of cooling holes and increase the core pin life.

We achieve minimum wall thickness of 1mm with the concentricity of 0.1mm per 100mm length we also provide spherical radious at the end of drill as an optional process.


Solid Core Pins



We manafucture customized core pin of wide range from diameter 2 to 100 and length up to 700mm.

Our core pins are customized to meet customer’s diamensional tolerance,material,Heart Treatment and surface treatment.

3d Profile Core Pins


Wre manafucture complex 3d profile pins with cooling holes such as keyway pins,die profile matching pins,3d profiled pins,offset profile pins based on customer requirement.



Front Loading Core Pins


We manafucture below sized front loading pins with below options

• Length : 30~120mm

• Thread:M5~M30 (both fine & standard pitches, both left & right hand thread)

• With and without cooling holes

• With easy loading and unloading options



Sliding pins and bush


We manufacture sliding pins and bush used in side core,tunnel cores ,squeeze technology with precise tolerance and surface treatment to avoid worn out,struck up and flash problems.



core pin and insert coolers


We manufacture jet coolers,spot coolers,channel coolers,baffle coolers for core pins, loose peice, inserts and cores based on customer requirements.




We also manufacture the customised below mould parts

• Core puller

• Piller and bush

• Cylinder mounting stud

• Year and shift codes

• Ejector rod

• Piston rod

• Plunger rod